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So... what's the deal with Drumming Circles?

Drumming Circles are the ultimate musical community experience! Not only are they incredibly fun and a sure way to make new friends, but the benefits you or your child may experience when taking part are truly incredible. Research has found that being a part of drumming circles may:

  • Reduce anxiety, stress & tension;
  • Boost your immune system;
  • Assists in dealing with trauma and negative emotions;
  • Induce relaxation and reduce blood pressure as a result;
  • Create a sense of connectedness & community;
  • Provide a fun platform to practice mindfulness.

Groovy, right?

Check out these little troopers living it 

up at a Ripples Workshop

The West Coast Drumming Experience 

"There is nothing better than smashing it out on the drums" - every person in the world, ever. 

From the moment you walk through those doors, be prepared to feel your confidence (and zen) start to grow. Although you will be a part of a group, your teacher will still tailor your learning experience to make sure you get the most out of your drumming circle experience! 

Each term is made up of 10 lessons where you will explore beat, rhythm, team work, technique and improvisation on different percussion instruments (including the ever-popular hand drums). Master each term to move up a level!

Frequently Asked Questions

A drumming circle is where you have a group of 5-30 people playing different rhythms creating the most incredible musical experience ever! Think of it like the ultimate musical community!

What is a Drumming Circle?

Your lesson will be held once a week and will last 45 minutes.

How often are lessons held?

Each drum circle runs for 10 weeks (1 term). Once your master a level, you can either redo it, or move onto the next groovy stage. There are 5 levels in total to ensure every skill level is matched and supported! Don't stress, you will be grouped with fellow drummers of similar experience to you!

How do West Coast Drumming courses work?

You can join in at any time! If you need some extra support, we can organise some private lessons to catch you up.

When can I start my lessons?

Where & When are lessons held?

Drumming Circles are currently held in NORTH BEACH at 12:00 - 12:45 on Saturdays. If these days/times don't work for you, please get in touch so we can see if we have an alternative available for you.

Do you offer private tuition?

Yes! Private lessons can be organised with our sister co: West Coast Music School

Yes, we do! Learn more by clicking here

Do you offer Incursions/Team Building Workshops

Pricing for Ripples & Circles

Let's sweeten the deal > Enrol in lessons and receive the following groovy bonuses:

  • Family discount
  • FREE Drum Sticks
  • Drum Stick Dipping Ceremony
  • 2 FREE tickets to West Coast Music School's Annual Parent's Retreat day 
  • Money Back Guarantee 
  • SAVE 10% if you are already have lessons with West Coast Music School
  • Refer a friend and SAVE!

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Lachlan Wood is the head Drums instructor at our sister music co (West Coast Music School). Much loved by Perth's drumming community, Lachlan started his drums journey at 5 years of age with an African Shaman. It was this experience that founded his love for all kinds of drumming. Lachlan's fun-loving, cheeky personality is always hit with those who cross his path. Perfectly matched with his passion for tailoring his approach to each student to ensure each individual's music potential is reached, Lachlan will be sure to take your drumming circle experience to the next level!

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The Circles Workshop was so much fun! I made some new friends and can't 

wait to come back!

Megan Gobey

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